Acoustic Scan II


Acoustic Scan is an experimental series of site-specific sound interventions using highly direction sound projection to create an “aural architecture” for visitors to explore.  The project uses a robotic system to “scan” across architectural spaces, creating a network of paths and reflections.

Acoustic Scan II was a collaboration with Juan Pampin in the DXARTS fabrication warehouse as part of the Seattle Arts and Technology Meetup on February 18, 2015.  This iteration was an installed scenario meant for open-ended exploration by visitors, as opposed to a fixed duration.  The installation consisted of two floor-mounted speakers projecting across the walls and into recesses in the room. Additionally one speaker mounted in the rafters above to direct reflections from above and below the visitors.  Reflective surfaces were mounted to the speakers which when paired with lighting created arcing spotlights that would reveal fleeting views of the otherwise darkened space in concert with the scanning sound.