Recording and Mixing of the Deep Listening Band at Town Hall

I had the pleasure of engineering and recording the performances of the Deep Listening Band during their residency at Town Hall in January of 2011.  During the days and evenings of recording it was a true pleasure to hear this phenomenal group work together.  The residency culminated in a public performance in full 8-channel surround that left the audience floored.

I then spent many following months in the studio with Stuart Dempster sifting through hours of wonderful material.  After careful selection and many hours of listening and mixing, there are 3 albums to document many of the performances: Needle Drop Jungle on Taiga Records, Octagonal Polyphony and Great Howl at Town Haul both on Important Records.  The albums serve as both a document of the wonderful playing on those days and evenings and also as a tribute to band member David Gamper who passed away this last year, making the performances the last of the group’s long history.