An Alchemy of Resonance

This work is an architecture of limits both luminescent and sonic. The architecture takes to movement, establishing oppositions of light and silence, darkness and sound. Ephemeral boundaries of light enclose a sound-field emerging from its metallic walls contrasted by hyper-directional sound at its center. An alchemic treatment of sound reveals an emerging language of feedback, resonance, and reflections in which the viewer becomes physically enmeshed, situated in a state between what was and what is about to become. Shifting environmental boundaries describe the task of perpetual reorientation, an unsettling task that is perhaps all too familiar.
The evolving image of the space and our place in it becomes imprecise and we are enmeshed in this exchange among shadows.


Aluminum Sheets, Ultrasonic Transducers, Resonators, Contact Microphones, Fluorescent Light, Custom Software and Electronics 15’x15′. (dim. variable)
Showing: DXARTS 2009 BFA Exhibition, Fremont Oddfellows Hall, Seattle, WA.

Michael was awarded the University of Washington’s 2009 Deans Medalist in the Arts for his research and execution of this artwork.